A Depression-Era Tale of Danger and Deception

Whispers in a Phone Booth: A Depression-Era Tale of Danger and Deception, a stirring new novel from the author of The First Wolf Pack: A Dog’s Fable

An intriguing fusion of history, mystery,
and crime that transports you into a neighborhood of eastern-European immigrants in 1934 Chicago.

As World War I ravages Europe, two beautiful and courageous teenage sisters make a miraculous escape to America from their bitter lives in Poland, thanks to their selfless mother. They settle with their aunt in an immigrant enclave on the north side of Chicago. It’s the same neighborhood where two gifted young men, a steelworker and a pharmacist, proceeded them just as war exploded upon the Continent.

Soon the sisters’ lives diverge. The older sister, Martha, moves out of town telling her younger sister, Helen, to go to hell. But after sixteen years of estrangement, Martha unexpectedly sends Helen a letter offering reconciliation, soon returning to Chicago to see her sister and her family. Helen’s teenage son, Wally, quickly falls under the captivating spell of his mysterious and glamorous aunt.

After Martha’s visit, the neighborhood is beset by two perfect, high-profile robberies, leaving the police baffled. Only secrets whispered in a pharmacy’s phone booth, if shared in time, might save Martha, Wally, and many others from the very incarnation of evil. But can the enigmatic outcast who overhears the secrets, accept the devastating personal consequences of letting the whole truth become known?

The Legendary Journey of Wolf, Dog, and Mankind

An emotional and action-packed story from author,
J. Daniel Reed

The First Wolf Pack, A Dog’s Fable tells the story of magnificent ancient wolves that impact ancient history in a profound way. It’s a unique and engaging fusion of fable, animal fiction, and historical fiction. Ideal reading for fiction lovers who also like animals, nature, and flawed heroes overcoming seemingly insurmountable adversity, to achieve greatness and do good.

With engaging characters, rich descriptions, and a surprising splash of ancient history you will find yourself wondering if it really did happen that way.

It was the age of the lone wolf, a time of isolation and hostility when only bitterness and loneliness reigned. When the most powerful of all lone wolves, Arn and Versa, fight a fierce battle to a draw, they lay upon the battlefield near death. In desperation These mortal enemies quickly realize that only by helping each other they might live. Once healed, they become The First Wolf Pack, a hunting machine dominating all lands they choose.

Lone wolves, pressed to survive, form alliances in an attempt to destroy The First Wolf Pack. While their adversaries assemble, Arn and Versa must teach their extraordinary offspring the secrets of pack life, especially the gifted Tria. Forced to grow up quickly when banished for defying authority, Tria battles her own deep flaws while countless foes try to destroy her.
Embarking on an epic sojourn, she struggles to overcome her unparalleled power, brutality, and suspicious nature — but can she fulfill the improbable destiny that awaits her and change the course of history?