Meet J. Daniel Reed

Inspirations for the Book: The beauty of nature discovered during three wilderness canoe trips in Quetico Provincial Park in Canada as a teenager set my foundation as a nature lover. But it was when I was crossing the Rocky Mountains alone by car at 20 years old, I broke down in tears of joy when overwhelmed by the grandeur of nature and recognized God truly existed for only He could have created such beauty. This inspired in me great joy whenever we could escape to vacation or even just for walks in the woods. Messages from the Book: The natural world is unlimited in its beauty and inspiration. The ancient wisdom of the wolf pack can show us how to prosper in joyful harmony if only we are willing to examine and accept The Wolf Ways. Courage is essential for a truly fulfilling life but it can only be found by first embracing gratitude. Loyalty to something larger than ourselves allows for tolerance, self-control and pure humility. Ignorance and self-pity are a dangerous pair of shortcomings that keeps one from enjoying peace of spirit and the fruits of quality relationships.

Favorite Pastimes: When not writing, he loves to be outdoors walking/hiking (preferably with a dog or two), gardening or birdwatching. He also loves to listen to music, especially on high-end audio equipment. Pets: A Bouvier des Flanders (Belgian cattle dog) named Keera Favorite Books: For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Red Badge of Courage, Colors of the Mountains, Odd Thomas, Unbroken, The Silent Corner, The Art of Racing in The Rain, Aesops Fables Connect on Goodreads Follow Me on BookBub Download Media Kit for The First Wolf Pack, A Dog’s Fable

Friends You Should Know To learn more about wild wolves, visit the International Wolf Center Acclaimed Canadian artist, Beth Hoselton