Messaging Strategy

Your value proposition defined and delivered.

Terra3 helps businesses define their unique value proposition and engage customers with compelling, informative content. The unique value proposition combines core competencies, market need, and competitive positioning to differentiate your company or product from the competition.
It starts with the right messaging strategy—the building blocks that you can leverage again and again in all of your marketing and sales communications.
Once the messaging strategy is in place, Terra3 creates clear, meaningful content that delivers your message consistently across all types of media and stages of the sales cycle.

Deliverables include

  • Strategic communication planning, including recommended channels and messaging
  • Communications research: audience profiles, competitor analyses, tactical audits
  • Corporate & product value propositions
  • Messaging platforms
  • Company & product positioning
  • Message maps

Content Creation

Deliver the right messages and information at the right time in the sales cycle.


Great content always resonates with your customers because it delivers something interesting and relevant to them. Effective business content engages people with your brand and maps to the sales cycle, creating trust, and ultimately converting prospects into long-term customers.

See a few examples

Types of Content & Services

Writing & Editing

Clear, concise writing that improves clarity, understanding and response.

Marketing Communications

Do you want to shape perceptions? Influence decisions? Provoke action?
Do you want to raise awareness of your products and services?
Do you need to reach the market with a compelling message?

Influencing your prospects and customers is both a science and an art. It requires a close analysis of your market’s interests and needs, a clear understanding of your value proposition and the creativity to come up with stand-out communications that get results.

No matter what you want to communicate to whom, I’ll help you plan the right strategy or execute your existing plan.

You’ll receive copy that is crisp, clear and compelling, aligns with your brand, supports your goals and maps to the right part of the sales cycle.

Professional copywriting for

  • Social media
  • Customer case studies and testimonials
  • Direct mail (e-mail and traditional)
  • Web site content
  • Marketing brochures
  • Product/Solution sheets
  • Event invitations
  • Newsletters
  • Advertising
  • Articles for placement
  • Internal and External Communications

Executive Editing

Everyone writes, but not everyone knows the tips to writing clearly, concisely, writing so your audience understands the message or how to get your readers to take action or respond. If you struggle writing external or internal communications, find yourself getting too long-winded when you write or are not sure your messages are always consistent with your company culture or goals, consider hiring an executive editor.

How does this work? You are the subject matter expert, so the first step is to do one of the following: 1) Create an outline and then let’s discuss the details, or 2) Write a first draft and I’ll do the editing to polish it up and make sure you achieve all your communication goals.


Terra3 Communications brings insightful clarity to business communications and marketing content.


Get Clear, Concise Messaging. Improve Response and Results. My mission is to help businesses and their leaders to make their messages clear, concise, compelling, be understood and generate response or action. I have always had a passion for the written word and the power that words can have to touch the minds and hearts of other people. My goal is to become an extended and trusted member of your team and help you achieve your business goals.

Why T3c

Get Insightful Clarity, Strategic Messaging & a Trusted Partner Highly-experienced, senior-level branding & communications professional. I am passionate about your business and success.  Proven track record of serving the marketing needs of business and consumer clients of all sizes from the Fortune 500 to small companies and non-profit organizations. Small enough to be nimble and responsive; large enough to provide full-service and support. Business model leverages relationships with proven professionals across entire marketing spectrum. Specialized expertise, lower overhead.

Barbara Reed — Marketing Communications Consultant, Message Strategist, Writer & Editor

managing principal

As a seasoned marketing communications consultant I bring a keen ability to quickly assess a company’s needs to bring insightful clarity to business communications and marketing content.


    • One part analytical strategist, one part creative problem-solver
    • An active listener
    • Offer keen insight into situations and solutions
    • Passionate client advocate


Prior to founding Terra3 Communications in 2004, I was director of marketing communications for Insight Enterprises, a $3 billion Fortune 1000 global reseller of computer technology products and services. I was responsible for branding, marketing communications, internal communications and public relations.  I also directed marketing and communications programs for World Book and the video game division of Bally Manufacturing.

In addition to my passion for clear communication, I am a lifelong dog lover and share my home in the Chicago area with my husband, Joe and our Bouvier des Flandres.

My greatest success is in helping you and your organization to prosper.



My Top Definitions of Marketing Communications Terms
August 6, 2017  /  By Barbara Reed in Marketing Communications

Every industry uses its own particular jargon. You have no doubt heard or read some of these marketing communications terms:  value proposition, positioning and buyer persona, to name just a few. The question is, do you really know what they mean?

The goal of all communication is to be understood, so let’s define some of the concepts that often mean different things to different people. (Note:  this is a handy post to bookmark or share with your team.) (more…)

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10 Steps to NOT Sabotage Your Own Marketing Communications
July 6, 2017  /  By Barbara Reed in Marketing Communications, Tips & Tricks
If you can’t bother to get the details right, what does that say about your company, product or service? Overlooked details —  no matter how small — can add up to create the wrong impression about you and your company. Worse yet, they can create confusion that leads to lost opportunities and sales.

Suppose you sent out a direct mail piece, handed out a brochure or launched a website that misspelled the words “accuracy” or “quality”? The error just might overshadow the message. Perhaps the product specifications on your website don’t match the specifications in your product catalog. Not only can that impact your credibility, but the confusion could cost you a sale. I once worked for an educational company who put the wrong phone number in their school and library mailer. The phone number looked correct, but no one actually called the number to verify its accuracy. Imagine the surprise of the recipients who reached a phone sex line when they called to inquire about an encyclopedia. Are you starting to get the picture? (more…)

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